Dog and Cat Grooming starts with Quality and Comfort!
Fur-Busters Grooming Ltd is proudly serving Airdrie, AB and area. This company was built on a passion for our love for animals. Fur-busters offers Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming.  We only take 1 client at a time to ensure the quality of each groom. This results in a LOW stress experience, that keeps it positive for our furry friend. During their groom with Fur-Busters, your pet is the center of the groomer's attention. The groomer is only focused on your pet and not multi-grooming others at the same time. This also results in a shorter stay at the groom shop! 
 Fur-Busters does NOT use cage dryers for any reason. Cage dryers are highly used to dry pets, in most shops! We feel this is in-humane treatment, as it does result in high stress on the animal. Everything is done by hand at Fur-Busters. 


Fur-Busters offers all breed grooming for dogs. From breed cuts to all types of pet cuts. We proudly take all breeds.

For cats, we offer full service from standard bath to the exotic cuts such as the dragon cut. Most common cuts for cats is the lion cut!




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